Armco Barriers – Premier Protection Supplies

Armco barriers provide safety and protection for a range of equipment and buildings. The crash barriers that we supply can ensure that both buildings and pedestrians receive an unparalleled level of protection. Our products are manufactured to the highest standards to ensure that they provide the best protection possible. Engineered from high quality steel. They are galvanised to give additional durability. Our Armco barrier products have received rigorous testing.

Most commonly utilised for protection on motorways and roads. Armco barriers can also be used in a variety of other sectors and industries. The easy installation process make Armco crash barriers the ideal solution for protecting large areas of machinery or other valuable areas. Working with a wide range of clients across the UK, Premier Protection Supplies have worked with businesses and individuals to help them find the best solutions for protecting plant machinery, property and other valuable objects.

Premier Protection Supplies provide all the products needed to effectively protect any area. Our online shop stocks a wide range of crash barriers, posts, corner ends and fixings.
Use our online calculator to work out your Armco barrier requirements. Alternatively you can call us and speak to our trained staff.

All of the Armco barriers we supply are pre-stamped with the correctly positioned holes to ensure that the barrier system can be easily constructed. Should the barriers need to be replaced that can easily be exchange and remounted. The simple and easy construction process means that Armco barriers are the ideal solution for providing fast high levels of protection for vast areas.

Armco Barrier Safety

One of the main uses of Armco barriers is for traffic segregation and protection along motorways and roads. Due to the strength and durability of the safety barrier systems they provide additional safety for traffic, often helping to reduce the damaged cased in collisions and accidents.

The easy installation process make Armco crash barriers the ideal solution for protecting large areas such as stretches of road and motorway. The versatility and ability to tailor the size, length and corners add to the usability and effectiveness of the protective barriers.

As well as providing effective protection for traffic on roads and motorways, Armco barrier products can be used in car parks and industrial areas in order to guide traffic and protect stationary vehicles. The safety barrier systems we supply can be easily tailored in order to suit any area.

Crash Barrier Installation

As well as providing all the required equipment to install your own Armco crash barrier system, the professionally trained team at Premier Protection Supplies can also offer expert advice and answer any questions you may have. All the products available on our website can be ordered and collected on person, alternatively we can deliver your crash barrier products to your desired location.
We offer a wide variety of different length and dimensions of Armco barriers to suit your needs, including 3.2m Armco crash barrier beams and 5.0m Armco crash barrier beams. Our range of Armco posts can be mounted on a variety of surfaces and ground types. Different post height options allow for the desired level of protection.

Recycled and Reclaimed Crash Barriers

Premier Protection Supplies also offer a variety of different used and recycled barriers. These barriers are ideal for protecting agricultural equipment, life stock and farm buildings. All of our used barriers deliver a high level of protection and can be installed in the same easy process as all of our new products. For further information regarding our used and reclaimed crash barriers please contact us.

Manufacturing Armco Barriers

All of the Armco barrier products and crash barrier systems available from Premier Protection Supplies are manufactured to the highest standard in order to deliver the highest level of protection available. All of our products are compliant with the relevant standards and authorities. All of the Armco barriers that we supply are 3mm thick and galvanised to deliver the best protection possible. Armco barriers are made from corrugated steel to add extra strength.