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The Best Places to Install Barriers

The ability to tailor the size, length and height of armco barriers, make them one of the most efficient forms of protection available. This versatility has lead to their implementation across a wide variety of industries including agriculture and construction. Despite the popularity of barriers increasing across many industries, it is still on roads and motorways where they are used most.

Where to Install Barriers

Prior to installing a barrier, the government and highway agencies will access the roads and motorways through the UK. They will look for collision hot spots and identify any areas whereby the implementation of a stretch of barriers could be constructed. The barriers would be erected with the intention of restricting damage and absorbing impact should an accident occur.

The data gathered will identify places where there have been frequent accidents over a number of years and access whether a barrier would help contain future incidents. Generally speaking, heavy traffic areas such as round about exits, slip roads and heavily used stretches of motorways and roads are the best places to install barriers.


Nearly every motorway throughout the UK will have armco barriers dividing opposing carriageways. Due to the barriers ability to contain vehicles, this has proven a very effective method of limiting damage and reducing casualties. The barriers prevent cars crossing carriageways and hitting on coming traffic. This could cause excessive damage and loss of life. However the barriers prevent this from happening and contain the collision.

Due to a crash barriers ease of assembly and installation, they can be erected very quickly compared to other forms of defence. This is an important factor when building on roads and motorways as officials will not want to close them for any long periods of time. As such work can be completed over night with minimal impact o motorway users and commuters.

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