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Car Park Protection

Barriers are best known for the protection that they provide along long stretches of roadsides and motorways throughout the UK and Europe. Their ability to reduce the impact of collisions, and contain the amount of damage caused in crashes has been well documented in Formula 1 and by the British transport network. Their introduction since the 1950’s has undoubtedly saved many lives. Drive along any stretch of busy road in the UK and you are likely to see an Armco barrier.

However the versatility of barriers may not be appreciated by those outside of the road safety, construction and agricultural industries. The ability to tailor the size and height of barriers makes them very useful across a wide variety of industries. The UK transport network is unquestionably the main consumer of barriers, however there are a wide range of other uses where the barriers are effectively deployed.

Due to the increasing volume of cars on our roads and the ever rising number of commuters the need for off road parking has rapidly grown. Multi-storey car parks offer the perfect solution for cost effective parking. As the surface area of the car parks is accumulated over a relatively small area of land by building upward, multi-storey car parks are a lot cheaper and more efficient than traditional car parks. This is a very important factor in the commercial and private sector.

The increase in the the number of car parks being built has been beneficial to the crash barrier industry. The barriers versatility has allowed them to be easily adapted for use in car parks. The relatively low cost and ease of assembly has resulted in barriers becoming the preferred method of protecting and containing cars in car parks. The traditional protection that the barriers provide also means that the structural integrity of the car park is never compromised thanks to the barriers ability to constrain cars.

Didcot Parkway car park

The barriers that we provide can also be coated in a variety of different colours to ensure their visibility to drivers who are negotiating tight multi-storey car parks. The demand for car parking spaces is ever increasing. Work has recently began on the new £20 million multi-storey car park in Didcot Parkway, a car park that will provide 1,800 spaces.