Our armco barrier is incredibly simple to install. Apart from holding down bolts, there are only two types of bolts you need to use, all holes are pre-stamped and positioned so components fit together like a big meccano kit and end pieces are interchangeable.

If you are installing on a concrete base you can simply drill the concrete with standard concrete drill bits at 3.2m or 1.6m centres using posts as templates for hole positions. Wind holding down bolts into place using washers under base plates to level off posts, then bolt beams to posts and bolt the overlap on the beams using the pre-stamped holes.

If the ground is softer like turf or tarmac, you may have to use a concrete-in type post option. We can advise on how to fit in this scenario and answer any questions you may have.

Alternatively, if you want an expert to come and fit your barrier contact us directly. We have installers trained and certified to operate in all areas of the UK and can fit armco to any design you might need. Contact us for an installation price directly. We can usually attend your site at short notice if required.

Our armco installations are suitable for protecting loading bays from damage, delineating drops, preventing cladding/walls from being hit, protecting walkways and machinery from errant forklifts and for use on carparks and private roadway applications.

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