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The Life Expectancy of a Crash Barrier

One of the most durable and cost effective forms of protection, Armco barriers are the perfect long term solution for protecting buildings, life stock and a variety of other valuable assets.

Galvanised corrugated steel provides the crash barriers with a pinnacle strength to longevity ratio. Thanks to the high quality manufacturing process here at Premier Protection Supplies, our barriers are able to with stand high amounts of force. The corrugated steel construction allows for the barriers to absorb an extremely high amount of force.

The galvanised coating applied to crash barriers gives them substantial resistance against rust and corrosion. This manufacturing process makes the traffic barriers one of the most cost effective methods of protection. Their longevity and low cost have made them the preferred method of protection for nearly all of Europe’s main roads and motorways. Once installed, should the barriers not endure a collision, they can easily remain in place for decades continually providing a high level of protection.

The design and construction of the crash barriers go through extensive testing and adhere to regulations to ensure they are safe for general use.