Armco Crash Barrier Beam
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3.2m Long 3mm Thick Armco Crash Barrier Beam

S/L Name:

£75.00 exc VAT

Galvanised Corrugated Armco Beam 3.2m Effective Length.

3mm Thick Steel Weight 40kgs.


Product Description

Standard profile 3.2m long armco barrier beam.

Condition – new.

Can be mounted on posts at 3.2 or 1.6m centres using M16 post bolts depending on strength of barrier required.

Beams are overlapped and attached using 8no lap bolts (sold separately).

Ideal for use as carpark or factory crash barriers protecting walkways, protecting cladding/walls from vehicles or forklift strikes or partitioning factory floor work areas.

Ideal for agricultural use – great for stockades, cattle pens and barn wall protection.

Dimensions : Beams are 3mm thick, total width 310mm, total depth 85mm, w profile 180mm between corrugate peaks, total beam length 3504mm, overlapped length 3200mm, bolt holes are oval 27mm long, 21mm wide.

Can be used indoors or outdoors – Hot dipped galvanised finish.

Additional Information

Weight 101.5 kg


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