Reclaimed 2.4m Open Box Beam

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Galvanised 2.4m open box beam barrier section – reclaimed condition.

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A heavy duty crash barrier in a single length of 2.4m.

Beams are attached at each joint using two fishplates connected inside the beam with 12no OBB lap bolts. Fish plates and lap bolts are sold separately.

Beams are mounted onto posts (generally 2.4m c/c) using a hanging plate and post bolt (sold separately).

This beam can be used for all sorts of applications other than as a crash barrier. Can be used for fabricating gate posts, animal troughs, stockade construction and in place of RSJ’s in building works.

Condition is reclaimed – generally discoloured from a decade of exposure to road spray. May have some light surface rusting in the interior of the beam at joint areas. No dents or misshapes.

Dimensions : Beam thickness 5mm, front face depth 150mm, rear beam depth 200mm (rear opening 136mm), holes 18mm diameter.

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