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Protecting Agriculture and Livestock

The UK agricultural industry including the food and farming sector is worth over £108 billion to the UK economy. Unlike many sectors in the UK, the agricultural industry’s contribution to the UK economy has actually grown in recent years. Testament to the hard work of all the people who work in agriculture and farming.

The farming and food sector provides around 3.9 million jobs across the UK, and according to the NFU, the food supply chain in the United Kingdom generates £177 billion in revenue thanks to the spending of consumers. As well as being a significant contributor to the domestic market, the agricultural industry is one of the UK biggest exporters, with food exports now worth an estimated £12 billion.

Farming is undoubtedly a very hard business. Long hours and early morning are normal for anyone working in the industry. The continued increase in demand from supermarkets and ultimately the general population is ever increasing. In order to meet these demands farmers are constantly improving their farming methods and updating the machinery they use.

Protecting Machinery

With more and more farmers investing heavily in new machinery in order to meet increasing demand. Farmers are now looking at methods to protect their investments.
Premier Protection Supplies work with farmers and business owners across the UK. We advice on the best solutions for a variety of problems and issues faced in the agricultural sector. Armco barriers are the perfect solution for protecting agricultural buildings and machinery. Their strength, durability and low cost make them ideal defences in an often harsh environment. The flexibility of the barriers means that they can be used across a range of areas on farms, from protecting vehicles to segregating life stock. Premier Protection Supplies have installed numerous barriers across multiple location in the UK. We have helped farmers successfully protect buildings, land, machinery, vehicles and cattle. Our barriers come in a variety of sizes and can be customised in order meet specific requirements and demands. If you would like help or advice please call us and find out how our barrier systems can be of benefit to your business.