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Protecting Pedestrians

Providing protection for a wide variety of buildings, cars, machinery and livestock, Armco crash barriers are one of the most effective methods of defence against accidents and collisions. The barriers supplied by Premier Protection Supplies have helped dramatically reduced the amount of damage coursed to valuable objects and buildings throughout the UK. The cheap and easily installed form of protection stops millions of pounds worth of damaging being inflicted across the UK every month.

The crash barriers undoubtedly bring significant financial benefit. However one of the most important uses of crash barriers is protecting pedestrians. The use of crash barriers on roadsides and motorway hard shoulders save the lives of countless pedestrians in the UK every year. Strategically placed to provide maximum protection in densely populated areas and areas of potential danger, the crash barriers are very effective in redirecting danger and absorbing damage. The British government and UK highway agency have heavily invested in protective barriers to reduce the number of deaths on UK roadsides. The same benefits that make barriers so attract to business owners looking to protect buildings and machinery, also make them an attractive proposition to governments and councils.

The flexibility of the crash barriers with their multiple height and length options mean they can be installed almost anywhere. The adoption of crash barriers across the UK and their ability to protect both driver and pedestrian has resulted in the UK being one of the safest places to drive in the world.

The decision to heavily invest in crash barriers for pedestrian safety also brings financial benefit. The reduction in call outs for the ambulance and fire service means government budgets can be focused across other areas.

The use of crash barriers has helped to make roads across the UK and Europe a lot safer for drivers and pedestrians.

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